Monday, November 4, 2013

Bridge Ball Game

The 4th and 5th grade students in our program have adapted to our after school routine nicely this year. We realize the students have already had a long day at the school and then they stay an extra 2+ hours with us. Due to the extended hours, we try to help encourage a release of energy and our teachers are constantly brainstorming ideas and activities to help encourage a positive and energetic experience.

With Ms. Emily's class they have learned that once they are picked up from class and we meet in the gym they need to circle up at center court for a few quick instructions for the day and then a game to start off our after school session. 

We change up the games to keep it interesting and figure out new ways of engaging our students. Bridge Ball was introduced last week and was received very well. Most of our students are competitive and want to win or get their friends out. We found this game at PlayWorks. For the full game tutorial go here.

We will continue to share more games in the future that we have found have worked well with our energetic students.



  1. This Bridge Ball Game seems to be really interesting and delightful..These types of games boost the mind and keep us more fit and healthy.Thank you very much for sharing.keep posting



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