Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Hand Game: An After School Circle Game

With the 4th and 5th grade students of Grandview Elementary, we enjoy trying different games during our gym time during the after school program to keep things fun and interesting! A great resource for some cooperative games for large groups of kids was from the website, Ultimate Camp Resource.  Not only are there tag games, but the website also has ice breakers, camp songs, art projects, and skits for kids.  The Ultimate Camp Resource also has a YouTube page that has a tutorial for The Hand Game my students and I played.

Once the students arrive to the gym to begin programming, I have found it was helpful to begin our day with a quieter circle game as an ice breaker.  The Hand Game was a perfect transitional game for our day.  In order to play The Hand Game, students must first form a circle and lay down and cross their left hand over the person beside them.  Once all hands are crossed, I slapped my left hand onto the gym floor and the person's whose hand was beside me slapped their hand down, and this continued going clockwise around the circle.  If someone decides to double slap the floor, the motion will change and kids will go counterclockwise around the circle.  If someone makes a mistake and messes up the pattern, that hand is removed from the circle; and if two mistakes are made, meaning no hands are left in the circle, that person is out.

To see a visual explanation check out their YouTube video.

Overall, this game was a ton of fun and students got pretty competitive with double taps trying to trick those next to them. The Hand Game made for a great start to our day at after school programming!



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