Monday, November 2, 2015

Optical Illusions and Brain Tricks

For our science experiment today we explored optical illusions and tricks you can play on your brain. First we viewed a few classic optical illusions we found on the NIH web page. Next one of our Duquesne volunteers Brooklyn stepped up and showed us a few cool hand trick illusions.

It was crazy to see the tricks right in front of us and to get a chance to try them out. As a fun craft the class had an opportunity to create our own illusions. We used directions I found on a great blog "What We Do All Day" linked here to create thaumatropes, a toy which combines two images when you spin it.

Step 1: cut out two matching circles from a sheet of plain paper
Step 2: draw two images that go together like a fish on one side and a fish bowl on the other

Step 3: tape these two images back to back on a straw
Step 4: spin and watch it work!

Check out some of the kids finished products in the video below!

Such a great experiment to keep kids thinking and having fun!


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