Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pop Art Block Printing

This week for art we looked at the fun and colorful style of pop art! We talked about different methods like screen printing and stamping. For our projects we used some pretty simple steps to create our designs.

Supplies: styrofoam plates, tempura paint, rollers, paint brushes, drawing paper

Step 1: The kids each drew (lightly)  a picture on a square of styrofoam that I cut out from plates. The designs were simple and without to many small details or lines.
Step 2: Once the design was sketched the kids traced over them harder with pencils creating deep lines.
Step 3: The tempera paint was set out for the kids to choose a color and then roll the paint onto their Styrofoam
Step 4: Next we flipped the Styrofoam onto sketching construction paper and pressed them down with dry rollers.
Step 5: Once the paint had transferred we gave the kids some extra paint to fill in more details and add more colors

The kids loved making patterns and testing different lines. Everyone got to make a few different pieces. They all turned out really great and so colorful!


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